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Congrats House Sole - level 25 Guild

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Congrats House Sole - level 25 Guild

Post by Ori*n »

This is a bit late coming, but I wanted to change the damn front page and give us something else to look at.

1st of all, its been an interesting expansion to say the least. We have some new faces and some old making the best of all the Cataclysm changes - everyone contributing in their own way.

It is exciting to see raids happening, people pvping and enjoying the game, with raids from heroics to brand new and everything in between, we continue to have opportunities for members to get the most out of the game.

One thing lacking currently is the strong sense of cohesion we once had when we ran a 25m raid. We are looking at some plans to incorporate a 25m from time to time to get the band back together.

In the meantime - congrats to all - Enjoy!
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Re: Congrats House Sole - level 25 Guild

Post by Starboom »

Congrats all!!!! How is the new x-pac?

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Re: Congrats House Sole - level 25 Guild

Post by Morixi »

Starboom wrote:Congrats all!!!! How is the new x-pac?

super fun! and where are you? i need a tank for my pally's raid ^_^
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