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Raiding - Getting The Ball Rolling...The State of The Raid!

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Raiding - Getting The Ball Rolling...The State of The Raid!

Post by Ori*n »

OK - for starters, in case you've been wondering, life laptop vid card blew up, my desktop wouldn't power up and I can't do WOW at I've been absent. That being said, I installed a new PS in the desktop today and so far so good, lots to install and lots to update...

It appears things have been progressing nicely with one group that stepped in and got the ball all suck however, as I see our rank as can do better :P :mrgreen:
I see that Smackey has announced a 2nd I am posting this a bit delayed, should have gone out last week...but I wanted to convey that behind the scenes...none of you have been forgotten...

Beginning Raid Week – Tuesday, January 11th 2011
Now almost a month into Cataclysm, it is time to ratchet up raiding again as guild. Currently, there are a handful of people raiding on their own and one guild group that has been geared and working together to experience content. As officers we met recently to discuss the future of raiding with House Sole – and determined that for many reasons, that 10m raids will be the way to go:

1. Easier scheduling.
2. Various levels of play at once – we will have one hardcore group, with other groups assembling to cater to casual to serious raiding.
3. More consistent involvement for people based on schedules.
4. More loot to spread around (No DKP – Basic d1000 mainspec /d100 offspec , Roll on shards (one per) – don’t be a dick rules will apply)
Initially, here is the plan (based on who we know):

Tue-Wed-Thurs Hardcore
T -Confussion
T -Stupak
DPS - Fenixia
DPS - Grimrevolver
DPS - Fiddlesnarf
DPS - Zenara
DPS - Dryness
H - Shaminate
H - Zephyr
H - Rychen

T -Druixio
T- Whiskeytango
DPS - Krakensole
DPS - Kegyn
DPS - Madaghmire
DPS - Zartus
DPS - Furin
H - Smackey
H - Morixi
H - Langoril

Fri-Sun (Most likely by Sign-ups/Alts until we get a set group) This will start NEXT week...
T - Orionsole
Tank TBD (Kago/Nazar)
DPS - Blayd
Melee - Dramedin (Takeit/TBD)
Range TBD (Egam/Raithe/Eskarina/Amakir/Unboundfury/Kerberos)
Healer TBD (Ist/Higiyz/Heelzorz/Amakir)
Alts welcome if necessary to fill successful group

From what I understand from those in already running is that tanks get destroyed, mana efficiency for heals is terrible, dps must max out, mobility and environment awareness is a must…this is the hardest content blizzard has assembled. With 10m groups, there is no hiding in the #s, no infinite B-rez if people screw up…346 heroic gear on average is the minimum entry.

If you notice, these groups for the most part are “set.” For those of you not in the top group, no worries and don’t be offended – the 3rd group by design will allow for greater flexibility to give everyone opportunities over time to raid. There is also the possibility that groups may bring a player in here and there for substitutes, rotate players based on schedules, or bring in subs on farmed content. I fully expect for there to be some people unhappy with this direction. The move away from 25m raiding may not be favorable for some of you – or maybe it has been a long time coming. Ideally, House Sole will have a successful group going nearly every day of the week without overlapping raid IDs maximizing everyone’s desire to play at a level they are comfortable with. IMO, being the best guild on the server is more than guild rankings – a goal we have, but moreso about having fun and providing an experience for everyone. If you don’t see yourself playing in this model or want to find another guild/group – I understand in advance. If you choose to go in a different direction, please talk to me 1st in a PM or in-game…I value everyone in the guild for their contributions and respect your feedback.

If you are not on the list currently, or want to speak up for a more permanent spot in one of the groups let us know ASAP. I do not want and will not tolerate drama and kneejerk reactions. This hasn’t been an easy transition and I am not certain I can make everyone happy. All I ask is that if you have questions about this process to speak to myself or an officer. To fill these spots, we are looking for a strong desire to play, prove that you want to be involved (run heroics, show-up at raid times, participate in the guild). There will be people that come out of nowhere who aren’t even listed – there will be people that fall off from tier to tier as life happens. I also expect that another group or two develops as more people become raid ready and as alts want more involvement. Lastly, I expect there to be some recruiting – you will notice we are missing pallys and shamans from providing ideal raid make-up. If people have viable toons that they want to play and “re-name” their main for a better chance at this, it is also a possibility.

There will be more changes to come...and I am setting up a post for people interested in the 3rd raid...I am hoping that Blayd will lead (though I haven't talked to him yet and I fully expect him to tell me to screw off ;) )...

That's all for now... /[spell]Shield Wall[/spell] of text!
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Re: Raiding - Getting The Ball Rolling...The State of The Ra

Post by Nate »

Changes I made didn't copy/paste over when I made them on the Officer forums. Before I infringe too much on this raid- Ignore the sign up portion, that will be set via a 4th raid, not the 3rd raid, sorry Orion didn't get a chance to call and talk to you with school, work, et al.
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