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Introducing House Sole Korgath Style

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Introducing House Sole Korgath Style

Post by Ori*n »

As a founding guild on Azgalor, House Sole has decided to take advantage of Blizzard's Realm Transfer promotion and leave the depleted and struggling Azgalor of which it was a founding guild, raiding every tier of content since Molten Core.

House Sole currently has 2 raiding 10m (1/13 Heroic and 8/12) and a third that has been on a break given the lack of recruiting on Azgalor. There currently is a need for a progression geared tank to assist the 1st raid and all types of players/classes to round out the 3rd raid. All raids support each other and will interchange based on schedules, tho the composition is fairly consistent.

The guild is active daily for world PVE, PVP, Heroics, and alt+runs - room for mature casual to serious players of all classes. Please inquire within or contact an offier in-game.

Welcome to House Sole!
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Re: Introducing House Sole Korgath Style

Post by Fiddlesnarf »

Lets get recruiting! I say open up recruitment for any max level players, build up our numbers with people from Korgath.
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Re: Introducing House Sole Korgath Style

Post by Zenar »

FYI, can't really read that on the front page easily with that font color. neon green on white/cream ftl!
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