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MoP: A New Era for House Sole

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MoP: A New Era for House Sole

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It has been a couple of weeks now since we began the ramp up to a new era of House Sole. For some of you, you have been with us since the Zen reminded me today in a recruiting post, its been 7-years. I figure I must have broken a mirror about then because my bad luck in this game still mocks me daily...

Yes, in case you haven't heard - Kimma got a a [item]Bindings of the Windseeker[/item] today and had invited me to come along...I declined in favor of chasing Cloud Serpent dailies...the new story of most of our lives.

If it wasn't for the old-timers, I often wonder if I would still be playing in this alternate reality. I appreciate your dedication, persistance, and arrogance every day. For the rest of you, if you have joined along the way - an expansion or two ago, are returning to get a peek at Kung Fu Panda, or a recent addtion to our rag tag army - your diversity, commitment and enthusiasm is what makes House Sole great.

As usual, I was late to 90 and have missed the 1st week of raiding. (*Hey, old guys need more sleep - all I can say...) Congrats tho to our 1st wave of raiders, accomplishing 4/6 in week 1 with a random group of 90s - paving the way for our 2-3 raids that will officially start in the coming weeks. No doubt, we are poised to again be on the front end of Azgalor raiding - as dead as the server is, it works for could be worse.

The launch of MoP was a success - hanging our hat on a realm 1st cooking...yes, I said "cooking."

If you are visiting for the 1st time, welcome! You will soon be introduced to the best all-around group of gamers you've seen. We aren't the best players (we stand in fire and wipe terribly), we aren't the worst - we just work and have a good time, doing it with a something for everyone attitude. Not saying we are perfect or without drama, but we have fun and get the job done. I encourage you to apply if interested - just beware of our forumn application trolls - take your app seriously, because we do.

Oh yeah - and Blizzard gave me a disc to ride on! Life is good...

Peace and Shiny Purples!
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