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Yogg-Saron, vini vidi vici

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Yogg-Saron, vini vidi vici

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In what appears to be a landmark week for House Sole's 25m Raid, a double achievement was earned today as we finally destroyed the last of the bosses in Ulduar.

Gratz to all in this honor and achievement for the entire guild.

[item]Mantle of the Wayward Vanquisher[/item] - Starboom
[item]Mantle of the Wayward Protector[/item] - Grimrevolver
[item]Godbane Signet[/item] - Jeopardy
[item]Shawl of Haunted Memories[/item] - Slapscruffy
[item]Fragment of Val'anyr[/item] - Slapscruffy (#14)

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