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by dobraine
Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:54 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Bane Of The Fallen
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Re: Bane Of The Fallen

gratz guys, missed you all these past few months, but I am planning on coming back for the xpac.
by dobraine
Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:15 am
Forum: News
Topic: Let them come. Frostmourne hungers.
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Re: Let them come. Frostmourne hungers.

gratz guys
by dobraine
Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:13 am
Forum: News
Topic: Cold Hard Bitch
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Re: Cold Hard Bitch

gratz guys
by dobraine
Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:13 pm
Forum: News
Topic: New Beginnings
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Re: New Beginnings

Anduin, welcome back
welcome to all the new people, guess i should start playing again :)
by dobraine
Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:29 am
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Topic: Mori Did It First And...
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Re: Mori Did It First And...

gratz guys, would like to get Dob in there, but havent done that fight yet, also not sure if gear is good enough to tank or dps
by dobraine
Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:35 am
Forum: Public Tavern
Topic: It's about to be list it here..
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Re: It's about to be list it here..

a computer that works :(
and a job
by dobraine
Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:43 pm
Forum: Public Tavern
Topic: To all those, who are "educated" To my Naxx25 Pug run.
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Re: To all those, who are "educated" To my Naxx25 Pug run.

think i did 1 raid/group with u and didnt have a personal problem with u, but a lot of the ppl from guild that have raided/grouped with u have had problems with u. Sorry been playing with most of those ppl for better part of 2+ years and will take their word over yours. Hope you have fun playing but...
by dobraine
Tue Apr 14, 2009 10:53 am
Forum: News
Topic: Our Finest Hour
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Re: Our Finest Hour

gratz all
by dobraine
Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:12 pm
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Topic: Time To Declare...
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Re: Time To Declare...

77 warrior
tank, and i will even be def capped by 80 :P
by dobraine
Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:02 am
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Topic: Patch 3.0.2 LIVE
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Re: Patch 3.0.2 LIVE

damn 30 mins and only at 13% :(
by dobraine
Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:19 am
Forum: News
Topic: Archimonde Down!
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Re: Archimonde Down!

gratz all