Healers - BT/HYJAL

Strats for bosses in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple
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Healers - BT/HYJAL

Post by Smackey » Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:48 am


Florida - Orion
Dram - Orion
Smackey - Muk
Squaght - Prot
Myst - Prot
Dandin - Ranncor
Kid - Raid


Smackey - Nekara/Prot (Hateful Strikes)
Dram - Nekara/Prot (Hateful Strikes)
Kid - Nekara/Prot (Hateful Strikes)
Squaght - Orion
Florida - Orion
Myst - Orion
Dandin - Raid

Shade of Akama: (based on us facing Akama)

Smackey - Left
Myst - Left
Florida - Right
Dandin - Right
Squaght - Middle
Dram - Middle
Kid - MIddle

Teron Gorefiend: (Everyone is behind him)

Smackey - Raid (Melee + my group)
Florida - Orion
Dram - Orion
Squaght - Orion
Dandin - Orion
Myst - Raid (Myst's group + Renew's on O)
Kid - Raid (Kid's group + tank group)

Gurtogg Bloodboil (Phase 1):

Dandin: MT
Myst/Dram: MT
Florida: MT
Squaght: Acidic Wounds Tank
Smackey: Group
Kidomaru: Group
Dram/Myst (CoH): Group

If you are assigned to a group feel free to help the next groups healer out... 3 main healers and a couple spot heals should be fine for O.

Gurtogg Bloodboil (Phase 2):

EVERYONE IS HEALING THE FEL RAGED TARGET! ALL HoT'S UP AT ALL TIMES. If your group was the last one to get the Bloodboil, keep your group up before you start focusing entirely on the Fel Raged Target.

For Teron Gorefiend:
Squaght and Dandin: DO NOT leave O... he takes very spiky damage. HoT's need to be up on him at all times. Dram and Florida: you can toss up HoT's on others if need be... but O IS YOUR MAIN PRIORITY. Obviously if any of us get the Ghost I will adjust assignments.

Dram/Myst: If one of you could respec CoH for BT I would much appreciate it... hell I'll pay for it if you need.

I will go over the strats right before every boss as I normally do. Look over the boss strats if you have not been there before. I will edit these as people cancel and such.

For Trash your tank is your focus, do not heal any other tanks unless they absolutely need it (50% or less and your tank is good I would say is a good estimate). I know most of you know this already, just wanted to put it in writing. If your tank is full, top off some DPS, then back to your tank. I wanna try to make things a little more organized to limit cross healing.

I'll be making similar posts before every raid in Hyjal/BT, please make sure u check the forums prior to start time even if you are an alt. If you are needed to replace someone you will need to know the job of the person I am switching u for.

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Re: Healers - BT/HYJAL

Post by Anewak » Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:27 am

Can shadow priests get dedicated healers for SW:D? =P

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Re: Healers - BT/HYJAL

Post by Smackey » Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:49 pm

BT 7/3


Dandin - Prot
Dr - Prot
Kid - Raid
Myst - Dob
Squaght - Ranncor
Eb - Grabber
Smackey - Raid


Smackey - OT
Dr - OT
Squaght - OT
Eb - MT
Dandin - MT
Myst - MT
Kid- both

Akama -

Smackey - Left Door
Dr - Left Door
Myst - Right Door
Dandin - Right Door
Squaght, Eb, Kid - Middle


Dandin - O
Squaght - O
Dr - O
Myst - your group + O
Kid - your group + melee group
Smackey - Cleanse + my group
Eb - your group + tank group

might change things later, just making a reference point to start from.

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Re: Healers - BT/HYJAL

Post by Smackey » Sat Aug 23, 2008 5:46 pm

Healers - it might be a good idea to stock up on some STA food and flasks for Archi. It seems like we'll be able to spend some time regening mana runnning from Doomfires and the entire fight is about staying alive. We'll see how the fight goes after a few attempts in terms of mana efficiency, but an extra 1k or so HP from flasks and food might end up being better.