[MH Strat]Azgalor

Strats for bosses in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple
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[MH Strat]Azgalor

Post by Dryness » Thu May 22, 2008 2:32 pm

New Trash Mobs
Giant Infernal
HP - 130,000 Hits for 2000
Flame Buffet- Increases fire damage taken by an enemy by 50 for 60 seconds. It stacks infinitely and is cast on the target highest on his aggro list. Can be dispelled.
Immolation Aura - Burns nearby enemies for 414 to 456 fire damage every 3 seconds.
**Banishable / Fearable**

Fel Stalker
HP - 100,000 Hits for 600-800 on plate
Mana Burn - Burns 1140-1260 mana from the Fel Stalker's current target and deals half the mana burned in damage(570-630). Can be interrupted.
**Banishable / Fearable**

Wave 1: 6 Abominations, 6 Shadowy Necromancers
Wave 2: 5 Ghouls, 8 Gargoyles, 1 Frost Wyrm
Wave 3: 6 Ghouls, 8 Giant Infernals
Wave 4: 6 Fel Stalkers, 8 Giant Infernals
Wave 5: 4 Abominations, 6 Fel Stalkers, 4 Shadowy Necromancers
Wave 6: 8 Shadowy Necromancers, 6 Banshees
Wave 7: 6 Giant Infernals, 2 Fel Stalkers, 2 Crypt Fiends, 2 Ghouls
Wave 8: 4 Abominations, 4 Crypt Fiends, 2 Fel Stalkers, 2 Shadowy Necromancers, 4 Banshees

**Medallion of Karabor to help resist the Howl of Azgalor ability, especially for healers.**
Boss abilities:
Cleave - hits for 10,000

Rain of Fire
Much like the warlock's Rain of Fire, it rains fire in a 20 yard area, dealing 1619-1881 fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds and applying an undispellable debuff called Unquenchable Flames that deals 1250 fire damage every second for 5 seconds. Can be avoided with Divine Shield / Ice Block / Cloak of Shadows. Used very randomly.

Howl of Azgalor
An AoE silence with a 99 yard radius, that lasts 5 seconds. Used at the very start of the encounter and on a 15-20 second timer after that. Can be avoided with Ice Block / Divine Shield.

Cast every 45-50 seconds on a random target, it places a debuff on them called Doom, which after 20 seconds will kill the target. When the target dies, it will spawn a Lesser Doomguard with 62,000 HP on the spot of the dead player, which must be tanked. The ability is not used on the main tank and cannot be removed or avoided in any way by any immunity.

----Boss Mob----
Lesser Doomguard
HP - 64,000 // Hits for 2400 damage
Warstomp - Periodically he does a Warstomp, doing 1250 damage and stunning everyone in its range for 2 seconds. Does not cause the tank to lose aggro.
Cripple - Slows movement and attack speed of the current target by around 50%. One Doomguard is usually enough to keep it up on the tank at all times as it is used frequently.
Thrash - A chance on hit burst damage ability to gain 2 extra attacks on the current target.

The Actual Boss Pull
Azgalor will come from the normal wave entrance. If you need to slow his approach to allow extra recovery time, a few rogues can chain Distract him. With 3 rogues, you can keep him entirely in place.

Azgalor must be Misdirected as soon as possible to the main tank so that he does not aggro on Thrall. If he engages some Horde mobs at the entrance, you should still Misdirect him. You don't want the NPCs competing for aggro at the start of the fight.

About 15 seconds after the moment Azgalor is engaged (be it by players or NPCs) he will use his Howl of Azgalor, and keep using it every 15-20 seconds. The MT must have his health topped off and have multiple heal over time (HoT) spells on him before this silence so that he doesn't die during it.

On a random basis and very often, if not constantly, Azgalor will cast his Rain of Fire ability on a random target. The raid needs to stay spread out and move out from it when hit. The main tank can simply take the Rain of Fire damage if it's cast within range of him for any reason.

40-45 seconds into the fight, the first Doom will be cast, and a new one will be cast every 40-45 seconds. Doom kills the targetted player after 20 seconds, which cannot be prevented, and spawns a Lesser Doomguard from him. The player must run to the Doomguard tanking spot as soon as possible and do everything he can not to die before he's there.

At the tank spot, there should be a healer and 2 tanks. If you're having trouble, add one more healer or tank as you see fit.
The Lesser Doomguard must be tanked near Thrall. Also, keeping the Doomguard tanking spot out of range of Howl of Azgalor helps the healer on the Doomguard tank.

**Thrall and his camp alone are perfectly capable of dealing with the Doomguard and keeping no more than 1-2 Doomguards up at a time.**

At the end of the fight the tanks should have a total of about 3-4 Lesser Doomguards on them which the raid must kill after Azgalor is dead.

Azgalor hits very hard so be very careful with the Main Tank healing.

Keep everyone topped off before the silence and move out of the Rain of Fire as fast as you can. Survive the Howl of Azgalor, Rain of Fire, don't die with Doom on you before you've reached the Doomguard tank spot, and you will have a kill. It takes about 5 minutes to kill Azgalor, which is around 7-8 Dooms.


Doomguard Tank P.o.V

Healer P.o.V

Ranged DPS P.o.V

Melee DPS P.o.V
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Re: [BT Strat]Azgalor

Post by scott » Thu May 22, 2008 6:20 pm

isnt this a hyjal strat? not bt
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Re: [MH Strat]Azgalor

Post by Dryness » Thu May 22, 2008 7:01 pm

I don't know what you're talking about
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Re: [BT Strat]Azgalor

Post by Proterus » Fri May 23, 2008 12:18 am

scott wrote:isnt this a hyjal strat? not bt
Noticed that last night but didn't say anything because I was too excited that we were going to be trying a boss that dropped T6 :-P