[MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Strats for bosses in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple
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[MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Post by Forlyn » Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:13 am

4 Ghoul, 4 Abomination, 2 Banshee, 2 Necromancer
4 Ghoul, 10 Gargoyle
6 Ghoul, 6 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancer
6 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancer, 6 Gargoyles
4 Ghoul, 6 Abomination, 4 Necromancer
8 Gargoyle, 1 Frost Wyrm
6 Ghoul, 6 Abomination, 1 Frost Wyrm
6 Ghoul, 6 Abomination, 2 Crypt Fiends, 2 Banshee, 2 Necromancer

New Mobs: Gargoyle and Frost Wyrm

Gargoyle Attacks and abilities

* Melee - About 1.5k on plate.
* Gargoyle Strike - Deals 850 to 1150 nature damage to an enemy. The spell has a 35 yard range and a 1.5 second cast.

The Gargoyles will start in the air, out of melee range. However, if they aggro someone and they goes out of their Gargoyle Strike range, they will land and follow by ground and remain grounded.

Can be shackled, trapped, or feared.

Frost Wyrm Attacks and abilities

* Frost Breath - A 3 second cast, 35 yard range ability that deals 2550 to 3450 frost damage to it's target and everyone in 8 yards around it, slowing their movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

They remain airborne until they die, but can be damaged by the melee if standing just below them. Cannot be stunned or kicked.


* Melee: 2-3k on plate
* Cleave: 10-12k to all melee in a frontal arc
* War Stomp: 15 yard AoE, 1700-2500 damage plus 5 sec stun
* Mark of Kaz'rogal: A debuff inflicted on all mana users in the raid. Drains 600 mana per second for 5 sec. If mana is reduced to zero by the debuff, the target detonates for 10.213 to 11.287 AoE damage. Resistable but not Dispellable.

Raid setup and equipment

The raid composition is mainly determined by what works best on the eight waves of trash mobs preceeding the boss. On the boss himself, about any mix of damage dealers and healers will do. Kaz'rogals hit box is just large enough that it's possible to melee him from outside the range of his warstomp. As ususal, melee should set up behind him to avoid the cleave. Ranged damage dealers and healers should stand well distributed in a wide circle so that one exploding player doesn't hurt others.

All mana users should have about 150 Shadow resistance buffed, because the Mark of Kaz'rogal and all of its effects can be resisted. The [Medallion of Karabor] and [Night's End] (or some other Shadow resistance gear) should suffice, it's not a good idea to nerf oneself too much. The fight is primarily a DPS race, not a battle for survival.
Horde NPCs

If Thrall and his NPCs, particularly the tauren warriors, are all up they can do about 15% damage on their own. This can be very important near the end of the fight - there are many reports of Kaz'rogal kills with only one surviving raid member watching while the NPCs brought down the last 7% or so.

In order to speed up things it's possible to have the MT kite Kaz'rogal through the two groups of NPCs, but it's just as feasible to wait until they enter the fight by themselves (which they usually do in any case). Kiting is somewhat detrimental to raid DPS, so it should be done only if the NPCs do more damage by their early entry than is lost due to aggro problems by the raid.
Mana management

Mana users need to try anything they can to keep their mana up. Blessing of Wisdom, Flask of Mighty Restoration and Blackened Sporefish as well as Superior Mana Oil should all be in effect. Super Mana Potions should be used on every cooldown, starting as early as possible. Shadowfiends, Evocation, Mana Tide Totem, Innervate, etc must all not be on cooldown. Mages may use Ice Block and Paladins may use Divine Shield before (or immediately after) being afflicted by Kaz'rogal's Mark, thus avoiding one completely. Heroism/Bloodlust can be used early (but not too early, watch aggro) so that the high mana cost can be recovered before the first mark, or can be used late, when death is inevitable anyways. Innervates should best be used on Shadow Priest(s). When a mana user runs low, it's a good idea to burn the last mana quickly, and then move to a safe spot, not to harm others.

Battle rezzes (Soulstone, Ankh etc.) are only of limited usefulness because raid members are rezzed without buffs and less than a full mana bar, therefore they usually die again on the next Mark. Nontheless, if used right after a Mark, a rez can mean one-half mana bar of nukes (or heals on the melee group), which can make the difference in a tight fight.
[edit] Enrage

The first Mark of Kaz'rogal is cast after 60 seconds. The time until the next Mark is cast is reduced by 10 seconds each time, so that the 2nd mark happens at 1:50, the 3rd at 2:30 and so on. In the end, it's cast continually (every 5 seconds that is). This works in effect like a soft enrage, after about four minutes mana users will inevitably start to die. After some time all healers are dead, the last surviving raid members are usually rogues or DPS warriors, who must stay out of melee range and hope the NPCs bring the boss down. Warlocks with a sacrificed Felhunter also can stay alive very long (spamming Drain Life and Life Tap).

Forlyn's side note
For tanks and melee DPS in particular: chugging an elixir that increases your size like Winterfall Firewater can really help on this fight. These elixirs increase your hit box, which makes it easier to melee yet still stand outside of war stomp range.
Furthermore, assuming we don't want to farm 150 SR (Which we will need eventually anyway), it's possible to just take all the marks, but it means that the DPS needs to really be pro.
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Re: [MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Post by Forlyn » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:08 am


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Re: [MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Post by stupak » Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:52 am

Now that we kill a whole bunch of bosses, hopefully we can go back down Alar so our people who still need it can get their Medallion of Kerebor.
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Re: [MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Post by Razzak » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:11 pm

lol who puts a video on youtube where the MT dies and they almost wipe?

that'd be like us posting our Anetheron kill as an "instructional" video :shock:

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Re: [MH Strat]Kaz'rogal

Post by Ori*n » Wed May 14, 2008 12:32 am

Thanks for the Strat Flare -

Planning on Kaz attempts on Thursday...

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